On Tuesday, Dec. 19, a small plane crashed in an East Knoxville Family’s front yard. Sergeant Sammy Shaffer with the Knoxville Police Department stated that there were three people onboard the plane and that “all three were transported non-emergency to the hospital.”
The plane crashed in the yard of a Morningside neighborhood family and was reported to authorities at 3:18 p.m. Sgt. Shaffer stated that the plane “came to rest on a couple of cars. Not into the home, but actually onto some cars in the driveway.” There were no injuries to residents of the home, but the family was asked to relocate temporarily by the Knoxville Fire Department.
Sgt. Shaffer stated that KPD did not know whether the cause of the crash was a human or mechanical error because, “The FAA is currently investigating; we don’t get involved on the investigation on something like this. It goes to the FAA and they are currently here at the scene.” Sgt. Shaffer also noted that the FAA would likely finish at the scene in the next few days, but that it was unknown how long their overall investigation would take.
While the FAA has not completed their investigation, it is known that the plane was registered to Lakelizard Aviation Training Company, a Seymour business, and that the plane is registered as a 1973 Piper PA-23-250 Aztec. The FAA began working with an aircraft salvage company Wednesday morning to remove the aircraft and to further investigate it. The crew of the plane has been identified as Gerald Marotta, Michael Spinazzola and Robert Gintz, all from the Knoxville area.

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