The Mattress Momma is a local family owned and operated mattress store.
Owner Laure Nelle stated that her family decided to open in Seymour because, “We are local to Seymour and we have multiple businesses. Seymour is a great community and we wanted to provide a service to residents that they would normally have to travel to Knoxville to receive.”
The Mattress Momma has more to offer than just mattresses, however. They also provide linens, home décor, adjustable bed bases and pillows. In addition to these products, The Mattress Momma does a variety of giveaways throughout the year. The most recent of these was on Friday, Dec. 15, when a drawing was held for a “Full Christmas Dinner,” and a “Queen Size Mattress.”
Nelle stated that she understands “that some places take advantage of the fact that they are the only store in Seymour that offers something, so they overcharge for it,” and that, “The Mattress Momma maintains competitive prices and has had a great response from the community.” Nelle encourages residents to shop local so that The Mattress Momma can continue to offer competitive prices and give back to the community.
For more information about The Mattress Momma, visit its physical location at 935 Boyd’s Creek Highway Suite #3 in Seymour or go to the website at They can also be reached by phone at 500-5078.


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