Local Marcia Chamberlain is offering horse riding lessons and horse training through her business, 3D Ranch. But when it’s not being used for horses, 3D ranch also doubles as a wedding venue.
Chamberlain stated that she decided to open her business in Seymour because, “Seymour is really just a local area and I like the solitude of it. It’s quiet and it has a homey kind of feel. I get that from my customers too, it’s not like an industrial big ranch, it’s got more of a homey feel to it . . . Seymour is where we’re from and grew up and I’m so glad to still be close to family in Seymour.”
3D Ranch offers a variety of different training and lesson types. Chamberlain is able to host lessons or training on site at 3D Ranch or even travel to customer’s facilities to meet their personal needs. Chamberlain stated that, “There are some people who have a troublesome horse that has some riding issues or it’s not behaving and I will go to their facility and work with them, with their horse, if that is necessary.” But clients can also send their horses to 3D ranch for a couple weeks, or even months, at a time to receive training from Chamberlain on site.
According to Chamberlain, most of the people who come to 3D Ranch to take lessons are, “younger girls with their parents, and they want to ride a horse and learn more about the horses,” and that it is not necessary to have a horse of your own or prior experience riding horses in order to receive lessons.
The decision was made for 3D ranch to become a wedding venue when Chamberlains mother-in-law commented that, “this would be such a beautiful place for you to host weddings for other people.” Chamberlain agreed and decided to create a Facebook page, and after that, “It just blew up, all kinds of people wanted to know about it,” according to Chamberlain.
For more information, call 3D ranch at 318-71198 or visit one of its Facebook pages.


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