A staple of the Sevierville skyline will soon be getting a makeover.
Work is currently underway to replace the more than 100 year old clock tower that stood above the Sevier County Courthouse since Tennessee’s centennial in 1896.
The original tower was removed last week by S. Laney & Sons Construction, the contractors tasked with building an exact replica of the tower to replace the old one.
“The old one is in pretty bad shape. It’s not just the clock, some people are getting hung up on that, but it’s the structure and everything there, it’s fairly rotted,” Luke Laney, Vice President of Operations for S. Laney & Sons Construction said. “It’s over 100 years old, and it looks it.”
Laney hopes to have the new tower installed by Apr. 1. The new tower is primarily constructed from aluminum and steel according to specifications from the tower’s original manufacturer. While Laney said some of the original pieces were removed and could be saved as historic relics, “The majority of it is in such bad shape that it’s just going to go to the landfill.”
Before its removal, the clock tower stood 75 feet above the three story courthouse and 130 feet above the city’s sidewalks. In 1976, the building became the first courthouse in Tennessee to be places on the National Register of Historic Places.
“We’ve all grown up here. We’ve seen that clock tower everyday our whole lives,” Laney said of his family’s contracting firm being chosen for the reproduction work. “It’s an honor to be selected for the work.”

Photo by: Tanner Hancock

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