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By: Lee Ramsey

Seymour’s Carter Brought Home National Connection
Seymour head softball Coach Dayna Carter will be leaving the Lady Eagles to be Co-Head Coach of the CAK Warriors.  Her resignation was turned in to Seymour Athletic Director Gary Householder this past Monday morning.
She met with the team at 5 p.m. the same day.  She released the following statement to the Seymour Herald, “I appreciate what Gary Householder did for me over my 12 years at Seymour,” said Carter.  “I know if it was up to him I would’ve been head coach from day one.
“I have been given a head coaching opportunity that is in my family’s best interest that I can’t pass up.
“They (Seymour) have unbelievable talent and I know they will be o.k.  It was just sad leaving.
“We were a very successful program that had wonderful support from our players, parents and AD.  This team is still a state contending team and although I will not be in the dugout with them, I will always be their fan.”

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