The Incorporate Seymour Debate

The Incorporate Seymour Debate

In response to the reaction of some people at the last incorporation meeting held Seymour High School, and with the concerns of some parents of students on the forensics debate team, the A AAA Association of Businesses and Professionals would like to clarify what a debate is all about. With the[Read More…]

When Did It All Start?

by Joe Karl We’ve got chaos in our country and no one knows what to do about. Police shooting African Americans, African Americans shooting each other; kids shooting kids and teachers; employees shooting employers, and it seems to be never ending. The problem is that no one seems to have[Read More…]

April 16, 2015 Editorials, Opinion

What a Difference

by Joe Karl You know it’s been a tough and hard winter when the first few days of sunshine hit the area and people were flooding the streets, packing the restaurants and buying merchandise. It’s no secret that weather has so much effect on our attitude, which makes me wonder[Read More…]

April 2, 2015 Editorials, Opinion

You Know It

by Joe Karl You know it’s been a miserable winter if I haven’t even been able to write some editorials. After 40 years we left Seattle due to the weather. Now the whole world’s weather has changed. It seems that we are being attacked by lightning storms and hurricanes, drowning[Read More…]

March 26, 2015 Editorials, Opinion

What a Couple of Weeks

by Joe Karl East Tennessee hasn’t seen this kind of weather related hindrance in many years. On the surface it just seems like we were all inconvenienced for a couple of weeks. In reality, most have lost one if not two complete weeks of pay. Most of the businesses suffered[Read More…]

March 5, 2015 Editorials, Opinion

50 Years Down the Road

by Joe Karl We’ve been contacted recently about a road situation that started 50 years and many administrations ago. A road called Widener Road in South Knoxville happens to have a serious blind curve and countless vehicles, including school buses, have experienced severe accidents. You can read all about it[Read More…]

February 5, 2015 Editorials, Opinion

The Internet

by Joe Karl Now that the internet is entrenched in most households and businesses, including the United States Government, it’s obvious it’s here to stay. The internet, like anything, depends on how we utilize it whether we consider it a positive or a negative in our lives. I hate to[Read More…]

January 22, 2015 Editorials, Opinion

What a Way to Start

by Joe Karl We are two weeks into the new year and I feel like we’ve had enough situations or, as some people like to call them, “opportunities”. You know about the terrorist situations in France and all over the world, but you didn’t hear about the problems we had[Read More…]

January 14, 2015 Editorials, Opinion

This Is It

by Joe Karl This is our last issue for this year. Each year we shut down the Herald to give our staff an opportunity to take advantage of this time and to remember the purpose of Christmas. Like everything in our hurried lives, Christmas has become so commercialized we thought[Read More…]

December 24, 2014 Editorials, Opinion

The Truth About Government

by Joe Karl Since I’m in the media I am keenly aware of the huge responsibility we have to our readership regarding truth and honesty in reporting the facts. The average person rarely has the time, inclination, or even the desire to follow up on our Public Servants, Public Managers,[Read More…]

December 11, 2014 Editorials, Opinion