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UT Abandons Fan Base

I just got off of the phone with the Development Office in The UT Athletic Department, having gone online to see if the time had been set for the kick-off of the UT/Kentucky game on Halloween. Turns out, they set it for a night game starting at 7:30pm on the[Read More…]

Oct 26, 2015 Letters to theEditor

Letter: Act Will Put Qualified Vets To Work

Military veterans receive some of the best medical training and experience available when serving our country. Their sacrifices, commitment to duty, and ability to get the job done in austere environments make them exceptionally well suited for working as EMTs and paramedics in our communities upon their honorable separation from[Read More…]

Oct 26, 2015 Letters to theEditor, Opinion

Vols win Loss for East TN

The VOLS may have won their game in Nashville against Bowling Green this past Saturday, but the loyal fans, businesses, and municipalities in East Tennessee showed a loss. Statistics from the Athletic Department and the University will probably never be released about the cost of moving the game to Nashville,[Read More…]

Sep 10, 2015 Letters to theEditor, Opinion

Op- Ed: Immigrate the Legal Way

My Grandfather watched as his friendsdied in WW I…My Father watched as his friends died in WW II and Korea ….I watched and waited as my brother and friends fought for and died in Vietnam ….I watched as my friends fought and died in DesertStorm…I watched while my son and[Read More…]

Jul 30, 2015 Letters to theEditor, Opinion
Animal Research Saves Lives

Animal Research Saves Lives

A team of Swiss scientists recently restored sight in blind lab mice by injecting new, light-sensing cells into their eyes. They’re working to develop a cure for acquired blindness in people. Today, millions of mice are bred for medical research. Rodents make up about 95 percent of the research animals[Read More…]

Jul 30, 2015 Guest, Letters to theEditor, Opinion
The Incorporate Seymour Debate

The Incorporate Seymour Debate

In response to the reaction of some people at the last incorporation meeting held Seymour High School, and with the concerns of some parents of students on the forensics debate team, the A AAA Association of Businesses and Professionals would like to clarify what a debate is all about. With the[Read More…]

What Communion Hath Light With Darkness?

What Communion Hath Light With Darkness?

Dear Editor, I am led to understand that in Tennessee some elements of the Republican Establishment has endeavored to denigrate and to disparage the reputation of a sincere patriot.  The nom de plume of the patriot is Publius Huldah (Lawyer, philosopher and logician, strict constructionist of the U.S. Constitution) .[Read More…]

Jun 11, 2013 Letters to theEditor, Opinion