Report Shows Growth, Strength For Department

by Meredith Cordle The Sevier County Sheriff’s Department is making strides, as is evident in their yearly report for 2015. The “Annual Report” details not only the challenges the Departments has faced and overcome in the past year, but it also shows the trajectory the department has followed throughout the[Read More…]

Jun 16, 2016 News, Politics, Sevier County

Tea Party Meeting Features Hall

Sevier County’s Tea Party will host KrisAnne Hall to speak at their June 16th meeting. The meeting will take place at 6:30pm on the third floor of the Sevierville Courthouse, located at 125 Court Avenue. The meeting is open to everyone for free. Ms. Hall is a Constitutional Attorney, speaker,[Read More…]

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County Receives More Educational Funding

Sevier County’s School System will receive nearly $2 million in additional monies from state eduction funding for the upcoming fiscal year. Sevier County School Superintendent Jack Parton and Sevier County Mayor Larry Waters, along with their staffs, have been working with Governor Haslam’s administration to help increase state funding levels[Read More…]

Jun 9, 2016 News, Politics, Schools, Sevier County

Tea Party Hosts Overbey Challenger

The Sevier County Tea Party will host Scott Williams as a guest speaker at their Thursday, May 19th meeting at 6:30pm. The event will be held on the 3rd floor of the Sevierville Courthouse located at 125 Court Avenue in Sevierville. The event is free and bringing a guest is[Read More…]

May 12, 2016 Events, News, Politics, Sevierville

Crashes Continue: Does Higher Awareness Mean Safer Streets?

Residents of the Seymour and South Knoxville area grow more concerned daily, as the amount of accidents on Chapman Highway in Knox, Blount, and Sevier Counties continues. Though there has been a more noticeable police presence, as well as news coverage, social media posts, and TDOT forums, little has happened[Read More…]

Forum Leaves Questions

Forum Leaves Questions

The long-promised forum on the status of Chapman Highway’s proposed roadwork left some area residents with more questions than answers. The forum, contrary to what many expected, was dedicated to explaining in detail a singular road project in its preliminary stages. The project TDOT planned to discuss was a proposed[Read More…]

Residents Gather To Discuss Concerns

Residents Gather To Discuss Concerns

by Meredith Cordle A gathering of twenty or so Seymour residents filled a room at Seymour Heights Christian Church to discuss concerns over lingering issues with the main thoroughfare through the area and what steps can be taken to remedy them. Worries over the safety of travelers on Chapman Highway[Read More…]

Lincoln Day Dinner Raises Funds

Lincoln Day Dinner Raises Funds

by Meredith Cordle Music Road Hotel in Pigeon Forge hosted its annual Lincoln Day Dinner on March 17th, with guest speaker Governor Bill Haslam taking the stage at the event and addressing the many assembled for the event. Lincoln Day is the primary annual celebration and fundraising event of many[Read More…]

Mar 24, 2016 Community, Events, News, Politics
Battle Over Highway Heats Up

Battle Over Highway Heats Up

by Meredith CordleAfter being shelved by the Transportation Planning Organization in 2013, the debate over finishing the extension of James White Parkway has once again flared, due in large part to concerns over the safety of Chapman Highway. After being shelved by the Transportation Planning Organization in 2013, the debate[Read More…]

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Who’d Have Thought

by Meredith Cordle I never thought I’d say it, but Marco Rubio may have been right. When he spoke to reporters at a rally in Largo, Florida over the weekend, a few things became clear. First, that the Rubio campaign was in its final death throes, but also that Rubio[Read More…]

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