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Home Financing Matters: Credit Scores and Divorce

by Richard Swan Divorce is never a pleasant experience but if you or someone you know is going through a divorce make sure that they know how to protect their credit. Studies suggest that 40% percent of 1st marriages will end in divorce; the rate of divorce in 2nd and[Read More…]

Apr 21, 2016 Business, Guest, Real Estate

Home Financing Matters: Should I Refinance?

bt Richard SwanCustomers call me all the time because they received something in the mail about refinancing. Be aware that lenders make money on a refinance, the same as on the purchase loan you did on your home. Now is still a wonderful market for a refinance of your home,[Read More…]

Apr 14, 2016 Guest, Real Estate

Home Financing Matters: Buyer Beware

by Richard Swan An old philosophy about any type of purchase, whether it be a horse, a car, or a bridge in New York City, is that the buyer should be wary; hence the old saying Buyer Beware. While this would certainly be a phrase that your grandparents would be[Read More…]

Apr 7, 2016 Guest, Real Estate

Home Financing Matters: Adjustable Rate Mortgages

by Richard SwanA customer that I had pre-qualified told me that he was going with the bank that his friend worked for because they were going to do a mortgage on his current home (that was paid for) until it sold and then just roll it over to the home[Read More…]

Mar 31, 2016 Business, Real Estate

I Have A Great Credit and No Debt

by Richard Swan A customer recently called me and said just that, “I have great credit and no debt.” Your Credit Score is an analysis of your debt; or more accurately your spending on credit. If you pay cash for everything, or write a check, then you don’t utilize credit[Read More…]

Mar 24, 2016 Family, Guest, Real Estate

Having a Buyer’s Agent

by Richard Swan, Mortgage Investors Group Anytime that you purchase a home, or piece of Real Estate, you need to have an agent representing your interest. I speak with young buyers all the time who think that the use of a buyer’s agent will cost them more money to close.[Read More…]

Mar 11, 2016 Family, Guest, Real Estate
Association Swears In Officers and Directors

Association Swears In Officers and Directors

The Great Smoky Mountain Association of Realtors swore in their 2016 Officers and Directors at their monthly membership meeting held in Sevierville. The officers sworn in are: President Janice Canterbury, President Elect Terri Williams, Secretary Jeanie Sheffey, Treasurer Chris Gonzalez, Directors James Maddron, Penny Cowell, Wanda Galli, Kathryn Lovell, and[Read More…]

Credit Capacity and Collateral

By Richard Swan Last week we talked about Credit, the first qualifier for getting a home loan in today’s market. This week we will talk about a borrower’s capacity. From a lender’s standpoint, your capacity to repay the loan equates to your ability to make the loan payments on time.[Read More…]

Feb 25, 2016 Guest, News, Real Estate

Credit, Capacity, and Collateral

by Richard Swan This is the third in my series on Credit, Capacity, and Collateral. This week we talk about collateral or the actual house that secures a home mortgage when you get a new loan. Collateral is a factor in any home loan decision but is also affected by[Read More…]

Feb 25, 2016 Business, Community, Guest, News, Real Estate

Being Aware of Risk

by Richard Swan Mortgage Investors Group NMLS# 180260 TN#108459 For the last three weeks, we discussed the three things lenders look at in the process of qualifying a borrower to purchase a home. One of those was credit and I often talk about how to build, improve, and maintain your[Read More…]

Feb 25, 2016 Featured, Guest, Real Estate