Congressman Phil Roe

Congressman Phil Roe (the Herald / Archived Photo)

By Joe King,

Seymour- Congressman Phil Roe stopped by the Herald office June 10 to discuss growing concerns of government outreach and recently exposed private phone monitoring surveillance.

From mounting distrust emanating from the Obama Administration through scandals such as the Benghazi cover-up, secret subpoenae of the private phone records of several Associated Press reporters, IRS targeting, and the newly exposed mass phone records monitoring, Roe said there has been a breech in trust between Americans and the Government.

“I hate to say it, but it’s nothing other than a scandal,” he said. “I think this business with Verizon where they are collecting every single phone call is ridiculous. It’s hard enough to find a needle in a small haystack; it’s nearly impossible to find it in the one they created.”

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