By Joe King,

(The Herald/ Archived Photo)

(The Herald/ Archived Photo)

SEVIER COUNTY- Ever since Edward Snowden leaked information that the National Security Agency had been collecting massive amounts of communication data from Americans who were not suspected of criminal activity, the overreach of big government surveillance has been exposed like never before.

While politicians on both sides of the aisle who have come out in support or opposition of NSA tactics have muddled traditional party lines, Sevier County Tea Party Chairman Steve Osborn is clear on his stance of the issue.

“I absolutely do not approve of these tactics,” he said.  “I was never a supporter of the Patriot Act to begin with. Although it was touted as a tool for fighting terror, it was well known that the unintended consequences of giving any government the right to spy on Americans would soon be abused. The level of hypocrisy by both political parties is unparalleled to anything I’ve seen. Members of both parties condemn the other while violating the same constitutional limitations placed on the federal government.”

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