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(The Herald/ Archived Photo)

(The Herald/ Archived Photo)

I am led to understand that in Tennessee some elements of the Republican Establishment has endeavored to denigrate and to disparage the reputation of a sincere patriot.  The nom de plume of the patriot is Publius Huldah (Lawyer, philosopher and logician, strict constructionist of the U.S. Constitution) . I have found her to be a dedicated and professional scholar  focused on our Constitution.

She stresses the meanings of our Constitution’s terms as understood by its signatories as representatives of the several Sovereign States. Contracts are bound by their terms as “marketed and defined” to the parties entering said contract. The principals or parties to our Constitution were the several Sovereign States ratifying the agreement through the various peoples and their representatives. The contract’s creature was a Federal Government with expressly limited authority.
Some have suggested that she is a George Soros plant or crony.  I ask only,” what communion hath light with darkness” ?  How would Soros benefit by having a Constitutional Scholar committed to the contract’s original intent, a woman securely and willingly bound by Scriptural morals and ethics, expound on limited government?
Mr. Soros,and many within the Democratic and the Republican political ranks, greatly fear the curtailing of government expansion. They realize that once the illegitimate creature our government has become is definitively exposed, its ability to spend our inheritance will revert only to those areas wherein the Sovereign States ceded authority. That would necessitate that they become servants again, not masters.
Let us not allow our patriots go without support. Let us instead lift them high along with our flags and in our prayers, a fitting symbol of the independent, Constitutional Republic their blood,sweat,and tears have gifted us.
- Ronald L. Pugh

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